Weekly Update 31-03

Dear church family, 

As we begin our second full week of lockdown, we wanted to update you on what is happening. We realise that this is an unexpected and unusual time, we are all learning as we go along. Things are changing every day, and it’s hard to know where to look. I struggle because I like to know exactly what is going to happen – when will we be able to do this or that…I’m even hoping against hope that my holiday in June will happen!

But one thing that never changes is the truth of God’s sovereignty. God reigns over all things at all times – we find our hope in that!
So, what do we need to know for the week ahead?

Prayer meeting will be happening on ‘zoom’. If you don’t have zoom, you can download it from the app store, or google search ‘zoom’. We know that this is no comparison to meeting in person, but it is great to be able to see each other and pray together. Rest assured that if you don’t have the technology to be involved, we are still praying for you.

On Friday at 6.30 Juniors will be held on ‘zoom’, followed by a Youth leaders prayer meeting at 7.30. If you want advice on how to access any of the technology contact Jon on 07703 551384 and he will talk you through it.

On Sunday morning, we will be uploading a sermon on Luke 17:1-10 preached by Ben., followed by the increasingly popular Whatsapp Sunday School live from Steve’s living room. We are going to try and make the notes for Sunday am available to post to those of you who aren’t online. Then at 6.00 pm we’ll continue to watch the sermon series by Paul Mallard. This has been a huge blessing – I have always wanted to take the whole church to a conference, and now we can!

Please continue to pray and to make your requests for help known to us.

Several people have enquired about how to give financially whilst we aren’t meeting physically – on this note – “I’m glad you asked”.
We recognise that some are out of work and out of pocket, and so we want to approach giving carefully. We do have our normal expenses as a church, and the longer that isolation continues, the more financial pressure we will come under. If you wish to give, you can do so in the following ways: By post – send a cheque to Holbrooks Evangelical Church, 20 Parkgate Road, Coventry, CV6 4EQ. By standing order – this is the easiest way for us (contact Ben, Jon or Gareth for details). Alternatively, at present, Ben or Jon will be at the church building Tuesday – Thursday and you can drop cash or cheques off while you are out doing your essential shop at Morissons – we can even do a home collection!

We long to be able to meet again soon – what an awesome first Sunday we’ll have together!

With much love on behalf of the leadership,