Church Camp

Camp Cannan

Each year we run a church camp during the third week in August.   The church camp has been running every year since 1990.  In the early years these took the form of a young peoples camp but since 2002 as a church family styled camp

Camp Canaan is for all at Holbrooks, whether young, old, single or married although those younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will take responsibility for them.  It provides fun, fellowship, activities and it includes all in camp duties working together as a team.  Although it is a type of holiday the main aim of ‘Camp Canaan’ is to challenge and stir Christians with daily preaching and Bible studies and also to clearly present the gospel.  Over the years many teenagers have heard the gospel and the lives of some have been wonderfully changed.  Many people from the Church have been involved in the success of camp, some have preached, others have been tent leaders, there have been lots of camp helpers, people have given support and most importantly prayed.  
Please continue to pray for the work of Camp Canaan.